Mission & Priorities

Our Mission

Develop strong, sustainable communities, within safe and pleasant neighbourhoods through resident control and locally accountable tenant management.

Our 5 strategic priorities are:

Priority 1 - Investing in our homes and neighbourhoods

We know that our residents really value being part of a community. It matters to them and that’s why it’s important to help them maintain their home, improve their environment and instil a sense of pride about the area they live in.

Priority 2 - Promoting Community Empowerment, Involvement and Social Value across our operations

Involving our residents is essential to the way we work. The development of effective resident empowerment and participation, from governance level to service delivery, ensures we accurately meet the needs and expectations of our customers. 

Priority 3 - Organisational Prosperity

We’re a unique organisation offering residents more than housing. We want to understand and quantify the difference our approach has made to improving quality of life for our residents.

Priority 4 - Investing in Our People

We know our organisation’s success relies on the dedication of our volunteers and staff. The commitment and contribution made by every one of them is invaluable and hugely appreciated. In return, we aim to support them in developing their own personal skills and reach their full potential.

Priority 5 - Delivering and improving our community led housing services

Understanding our performance across a range of indicators is vital to making sure we meet our corporate priorities. These have been identified by our residents and stakeholders using consultation events across the Group. This helps us make sure the services we provide as a landlord genuinely meet the needs of our communities.