Online Yoga with Grace

Online Yoga with Grace

Every Monday evening via Zoom – 6-7pm

Sessions are run by Grace Parkyn, Grace is a yoga therapist and mental health professional.

This yoga class is for all bodies, all ages and all abilities.  Grace teaches a style of yoga called Hatha which involves breathing exercises, physical movements, meditation and mindfulness. The classes are gentle and suit beginners; and they focus on reducing stress and increasing relaxation.  There is evidence from research that yoga can be a helpful tool to help us cope better with stress.

Grace says “To me yoga is about how you feel, not what you look like or how flexible you are. There are so many benefits to these practices and I feel passionate that they should be available to everyone; regardless of background, age or ability. Once you have the 'know how' you can use yoga and mindfulness in any situation, wherever you are, to support your own health and well being. All beings and all bodies are different and we are as unique as our fingerprints. Yoga and mindfulness are magic in that they offer a variety of practices to suit different needs. I believe that everyone can benefit from these practices!”

We would love you to join us on zoom. Please contact Fiorella on 07399 347470 or via email for any information and to book your place.