Chuckery TMO

How to find us

Travel east along the northern part of the ring road, the A4148. From the A4148 junction with A461 traffic lights, take the second right into Persehouse Street. Cross Walhouse Street and Holtshill Lane. You will now be in Union Street. The estate is located on your left with the estate management office at 2 Brookes House.
The community room is located in Croft House.

How to contact us:

2 Brookes House
Tantarra Street
Telephone: 01922 644456

Opening Times

Monday - Office Closed (Phones Only 9am - 1pm  2pm - 5.30pm)

Tuesday - 9am - 1pm    2pm - 5.30pm

Wednesday - Office Closed (Phones Only 9am - 1pm  2pm - 5.30pm)

Thursday - 9am - 1pm    2pm - 6pm

Friday - Office Closed (Phones Only 9am - 1pm  2pm - 4.30pm)


Chuckery TMO was first established in 1988 by a group of tenants. It was formed when bids for Estate Action money were being prepared by the Council. Some of the tenants were concerned that the estate was run down and in desperate need of improvement.

The group decided that they wanted a greater say in how the estate was run. Training was arranged for them by Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services. The organisation was registered with the Friendly Society in April 1992. At that time it also started to allocate properties to new tenants. This involved carrying out interviews and doing home visits.

The TMO finally went into management of the estate in October 1994.
Several of the original members still live on the estate and one who joined in 1990 has remained on the committee ever since.
The TMO has provided play equipment on the estate and a football 'kick about' area in partnership with Walsall MBC.
In partnership with WATMOS Community Homes the local school and Scouts have received donations of £300.

Our approach

The key objectives of the TMO are to provide the best quality service to tenants as possible in a friendly but efficient, professional manner. We hope to continue to improve the service in the future and continue to make the estate an enjoyable and safe place to live.

What we do

Much of what we do is governed by our management agreement with WATMOS. The TMO carries out the full range of housing services including allocations/lettings, repairs, caretaking, environmental works, tenancy and estate management and housing advice. We also build community spirit by running social activities and providing facilities for the children who live in the area.

Our properties

The estate consists of 347 multi-storey flats in 5 blocks, 330 are two bed flats. The remainder are one bedroom flats and one bed-sit. All the flats have fitted kitchens, double glazed windows and economy 7 heating.
The estate has a CCTV system, installed in 2002.
Caretakers are also located on site.

Our residents

The residents are made up of a cross section of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.