Estate Management

Through Tenant Management Organisations, WATMOS Community Homes offers a wide range of services to manage the area where you live, promoting a healthy, safe and pleasant environment. To achieve this we quickly identify problems and take swift action to resolve everyday management issues.

To make sure that our TMO areas are places where you want to live and feel safe, your TMO carries out:

Inspections and visits

  • We inspect your estates, taking action to deal with untidy gardens, litter, rubbish, dumped bulky items and any unsatisfactory cleaning of communal areas in buildings.
  • Carry out joint estate walkabouts every 3 months with tenants, residents, Committee Members and WATMOS staff.
  • Keep communal areas and facilities safe, working with you and others to identify improvements to increase both personal and general safety in your area.
  • Inspect common staircases and landing areas.
  • Deal with reports of environmental nuisance such as biological hazards like fly tipping, pest infestation, discarded needles and abandoned cars.

Undertakes work such as:

  • Making all empty properties safe and secure
  • Cutting the grass every two weeks in the growing season
  • Tending flower beds, trees and shrubs once a month during the growing season
  • Replacing broken light bulbs in your TMO area within 24 hours of being reported
  • Cleaning and removing graffti within 24 hours of being reported
  • Clean the lifts daily
  • Reporting a breakdown in the TV aerial system to the relevant contractor, within 24 hours.

Click here for details of how to contact your TMO to report an estate management issue

Your Responsibility

As a tenant of WATMOS we ask that you help us maintain your home and the TMO area. We would like you to:

  • Tell us about anything which affects the appearance or amenities in your area, for example abandoned vehicles and fly-tipping
  • Report any anti social behaviour to your TMO and anything criminal to the police
  • Ask us for permission if you’d like to run a business from your home
  • Write to us with any requests for internal or external alterations to your home before you start, or you may be in breach of your Tenancy Agreement.

Customer Satisfaction

We seek the views of customers from all sections of the community, welcoming feedback and new ideas to help us improve and develop our services.

Reporting to Tenants

WATMOS reports to tenants on how well we and the TMOs have dealt with estate management in our Annual Reports.

Complaints About the Service

Your TMO has a complaints procedure for you to use if you are unhappy about the way they have dealt with a problem relating to estate management. See Comments, Compliments & Complaints