Tenant Management

WATMOS is a unique landlord owning almost 2700 homes for rent in the Walsall area of the West Midlands and Lambeth in London.

The organisation is based around ten Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) who have successfully managed their own estates for many years. We value tenant management and believe that local people should decide how their housing services are run.

As a charitable housing association, the main role of WATMOS is to provide accommodation for people in housing need. Each TMO has a management agreement with WATMOS to provide local housing services.

Who does what?

WATMOS Community Homes

WATMOS is the landlord and owns the homes. It is responsible for the strategic development of the organisation as a social landlord and its relationship with the Council, the Social Housing Regulator, and its lenders. WATMOS also arranges the major housing improvements and regulates the provision of housing services by the TMOs through a formal management agreement.

The tenant management organisations (TMOs)

The ten TMOs provide local housing services on behalf of WATMOS. They are tenant-run organisations who for many years managed their own estates on behalf of the Council through a process known as the Right to Manage. On behalf of WATMOS, they continue to do all the normal housing management services on their estates based on a formal management agreement. Each of the TMOs employ their own staff.