Ethelred Supported Housing Community Consultation

Ethelred Supported Housing Community Consultation We presently have two blocks of supported housing on the Ethelred estate accommodating 85 properties in Malam Court and part of Tomkyns House. A general outline of the blocks is shown in the above photograph. Over time as housing needs have changed and the need and provision of support and space standards have changed these have increasingly become more of a challenge to live in, to re-let and maintain for our residents.

So we are looking at what the long term options of these blocks might be and the potential for redevelopment of the site to provide new and better homes for the existing residents and also increase the provision of housing so more people can access a home. Through this approach we would look for works to be self-funded through a mix of different rent and ownership tenures.

But this is all very early days, no decisions have been made and we need the residents to give us their input. Through the Ethelred Tenant Management group members we have established a steering group with whom we have been consulting with so far and have now appointed an Architectural practice to lead on community consultation and develop three potential draft options that will help inform further discussion and consideration about what’s desirable and achievable. This is being funded by support from ‘Community led housing. London’, specialists in helping organisations engage with communities through funding support from the Mayor of London. More info on them can be found here

We propose to hold two consultation events on the estate and information will be posted in the shop windows of our Lambeth Walk offices. We have also set up a dedicated email address where comments can be submitted, this will be for receiving mails only and all responses will be collated for input but we regrettably wont be able to respond to every comment received directly, the email won’t go live until after the first event. 

Keep checking back for further updates and to see how things progress.