Vision & Values

Democratic local resident control and service delivery through tenant management organisations

As a community-based organisation with strong roots in our neighbourhoods, we’re committed to providing services through our TMO partners at a local estate level, through accessible offices within walking distance. We believe this is what makes our residents the best people to help us set, scrutinise and deliver the services we provide. Their key insights and involvement ensure we maintain an effective, efficient approach to managing our business and improving our performance.

Providing a secure and pleasant residential environment

We know that many tenants choose to live on our TMO-managed areas because of the attractive environments and the feeling of security. To protect and promote these benefits we’ll maintain the homes and keep them in excellent condition. We’ll also effectively manage the estates, addressing all levels of anti-social behaviour while investing in environmental improvements.

Offering social and personal development opportunities

Because we believe our communities should thrive, we provide accredited training and support to help our residents to grow socially, develop work skills and flourish. By partnering specialist organisations, we help them improve areas like personal finances, health and well-being, allowing them the freedom and the choices to live better lives and enjoy our communities. We recognise our staff are also an invaluable resource. We’re committed to ensuring that every member has a personal development plan offering the benefits of mentoring, training and guidance to improve their CV, raise their confidence and improve performance. It empowers them to make fantastic business decisions and progress their skills and self-esteem.

Offering Value for Money

We’re proud to be an independent Registered Provider that’s resident controlled. We take great care to ensure that our financial success supports the vision and ambitions of our unique organisation. Our ethos of offering value for money is a primary objective and the views of residents and stakeholders drive our understanding of performance in this area. As a team, we pledge to keep WATMOS Community Homes financially strong without lowering the high standard of local housing services we offer. We’re also committed to maintaining the transparency our residents expect. As a result, we ensure our business plan is up to date and fit for purpose whilst also promoting a positive relationship with our Regulators and Funders.

Working with others to provide strong sustainable community led housing

By working with key stakeholders we promote the values of community-led housing, demonstrate the benefits of tenant management, protect social tenants’ right to manage their homes and champion the housing co-operative principles. We believe that services led by tenants are more likely to be in tune with their genuine needs. Working together with like-minded organisations locally, regionally and nationally WATMOS Community Homes promote and raise the profile of community-led housing and strengthen the co-operative housing sector within the wider housing world.