Vision & Values

The key features of our vision and values are:

Get the basics right

We recognise that, first and foremost, the success of a landlord is based on getting the basics right. This means maintaining an effective and efficient approach to managing the business including:

  • Maximising the collection of rental income.
  • Minimising the number of vacant homes and how long they are empty.
  • Maintaining our homes in good condition.
  • Good tenancy management and the control of nuisance.
  • Maintaining a pleasant residential environment.

Democratic resident control

We aim to promote the values of community-controlled housing and demonstrate the benefits of tenant management. We are convinced that services under the democratic control of their users are more likely to be in tune with their genuine needs and requirements.

Being organised on a human scale

We believe that real accountability is only possible where an organisation is structured on a human scale. Therefore, even if we grow or become part of a larger network, we will ensure that we are structured in a way that allows local tenants and residents to exercise effective control over their services.

Being local and accessible

We are a community-based organisation with strong roots in our neighbourhoods. We are committed to providing services at a local estate level through accessible offices within walking distance in every TMO area.

Providing a secure and pleasant residential environment

We know that many tenants have chosen to live on a TMO-managed area because of the attractive estate environment and feeling of security that has been created. We intend to protect and extend this feature of our neighbourhoods.

Creating strong communities

The TMOs have always given a high priority to fostering a sense of community on their estates. We are committed to creating strong and diverse communities in which people are encouraged to play an active part.

Offering social and personal development opportunities

Being involved in a TMO provides tenants and residents with personal development opportunities and the chance to get involved in a wide range of social activities. We aim to promote and extend these opportunities in future.
Working with others to strengthen community-controlled housing Co-operative and resident-led housing thrives on positive partnerships and networks. We will work with like-minded organisations locally, regionally and nationally to promote and raise the profile of community-controlled housing and strengthen the sector within the wider housing world.

Representing a successful alternative model of social housing

We are committed to the idea of community-controlled housing and believe that WATMOS represents a good example of its benefits. We will strive to be a role model that other tenants and residents organisations will want to follow.